Pregnancy Test
Urine analysis system
$0.021 - $0.23/ピース
50000.0 ピース(Min. Order)
$0.19 - $0.90/ピース
1 ピース(Min. Order)
5000 ピース(Min. Order)
$0.03 - $0.19/ピース
50000.0 ピース(Min. Order)


1. Easy to use


2. Sensitivity: 25mIU/ml,10mIU/ml


3. Reaction Time: 3-5 minutes


4. Long shelf life: 36 months at 4-30


5. Competitive price


6. Offer OEM service & Customized Printing Design


7. For both professional and home use.

1. Near with Dalian seaport and we can save the delivery cost.


2. Quality Assurance: We did air burst test, pin hole test, water leakage test and package integrity test. Each condom is electronically tested. For any quality issue, we offer 100% Money Back Service.

3. Free Designing Service: Just send us your logo and your ideas, our professional designing team can do designs for you free of charge.

4. Free
Display shelf can be offered if you placing an order from us.

5. Urgent Order can be dealt at the first time after deposit.